IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Colorado

The process of in vitro fertilization (Rapid City and Denver IVF) involves five basic stagesin vitro fertilization denver

  1. Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (the process in which the ovaries are stimulated to make multiple oocytes)
  2. Egg aspiration (oocyte retrieval)
  3. Insemination (fertilization)
  4. Embryo development and transfer
  5. Implantation and embryo support

Additional procedures utilized in conjunction with IVF

Guarantee your IVF Outcome

Vitality-logoInsure the outcome of your IVF procedures; if live birth is not achieved after 3 cycles or attempts, you receive your money back. IVF insurance also includes coverage for pre-screening costs, consultations, medications, professional counseling & therapy and even travel expenses (if traveling over 250 miles). IVF cycles can be fresh or frozen. Get your quote in as little as 2 minutes at https://vitalitysolutions.com/quote

Rocky Mountain Fertility offers IVF Colorado trusts. Dr. Smith has received the Patient’s Choice Award for six straight years as an accomplished Denver fertility doctor.

Dr. Smith sees patients in both Colorado and South Dakota to discuss IVF procedures. Please call 303-999-3877 for information and scheduling.


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