7 Things you probably don’t know about Egg Donors

There are a few basic things that we do know about egg donors. They are women usually between the ages of 21 to 30. They donate eggs in order to help people to become parents. There are other things about egg donors that most people don’t know.

Number 1: They are Usually Educated

There are many misconceptions about women donating eggs, and one of them is that many women don’t know any Egg Donor Denverbetter or don’t have any other means of support. This is not true at all. All of the women are required to have a high school degree, and most women who donate are college graduates or going to college, so most of the egg donors are educated women.

Number 2: They are Healthy

Egg donors are all very healthy individuals. They are screened, tested, and evaluated physically, mentally and emotionally by the Colorado egg donation clinic. They are checked for hereditary diseases or disorders, and most fertility clinics asked that the donors be at a healthy weight according to their BMI (Body Mass Index).

Number 3: They remain Fertile

Some people believe that egg donors will never be able to start a family of their own. The truth is that there are between 15 and 20 eggs retrieved each donation cycle. This is the number needed in order to have better results with a high chance of success.

Typically, girls are born with around two million eggs in the ovaries, and with this large amount, doctors find it highly improbable that a woman’s eggs could be depleted by extracting the small amount needed per cycle. This number pales greatly in comparison to the number of eggs lost naturally in each monthly cycle which is in the hundreds.  Studies have shown that egg donors do not have a decrease in fertility with multiple donations.

Number 4: Their Motive is Not Money

Colorado Egg DonorsBest Egg Donation ClinicMoney is a big factor when considering egg donation for many women, but many say it’s not the only reason. Many Colorado Egg Donorspeople believe that women donate for the sole purpose of getting a fast dollar, but it’s usually not a fast dollar and most certainly is not “for nothing”. It takes a strong and educated woman to consider donating and most women have to have a compassionate and giving spirit in order to commit to giving this way.Colorado Egg Donors

Number 5: They are Patient

Another thing most people don’t know about egg donors is that these are a patient type of people. With a donor pool of more than 200 egg donors, it sometimes takes a long time for an egg donor to be chosen, because a match doesn’t happen that quickly. It’s a process that can require time. Most egg donors have been filling out applications and undergoing testing for 6 months before they are selected.

Number 6: They are chosen based on Fertility

Another misconception is that many people believe that egg donors are all mothers already, and they donate because they are proven to be fertile. This isn’t the case at all. You do not have to have a genetic offspring to prove that you are fertile. Lab work will be able to tell if you have a normal ovarian reserve.

Number 7: They have InsuranceDenver egg donation

Egg donors are insured. This is not usually information known to the public. Independent attorneys are assigned to them in order to protect their rights and negotiate an agreement for the egg donor.

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