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Why do we care so much about celebrities and their infertility secrets? It’s probably not so much about their infertility secrets as it is about what they are doing in general.

Egg Donor Clinic ColoradoWe are interested in what they do, because we use a commonality of comparison of famous people and ourselves. So if the so called “stars” are doing it, then it must be okay for us “regular” people to do it. They set examples, trends, lifestyles, and beliefs for many regular people.

Celebrities have popularized having babies at a later age in their 40’s and 50’s.  Jane Seymour had twins at 45 and Cheryl Tiegs had twins at 52.  Kelly Preston had her third child last year, at age 48. Holly Hunter also gave birth to twins at the age of 47. Susan Sarandon had a baby at 46, and Beverly D’Angelo had twins (with 65yo Al Pacino) at 49. Geena Davis had her twins at 48, and Desperate Housewives’ Marcia Cross had twins at 45.

Seeing the struggles of infertility for the celebrities has made it easier for ‘regular” people going through the same problem, patients are grateful for the openness of the celebrities as it makes them feel that they are not the only one having problems conceiving a child or they are not “crazy” for wanting to have a child at the age of 45 years or older.

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More celebrities have been open about their infertility issues and fertility treatment, in recent years.  Some will talk about the use of fertility therapy and inseminations, the use of donor sperm, the use of gestational carriers and the use of an egg donor to conceive.  One example of a celebrity who was open about using an egg donor is Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives.

Sarah Jessica Parker was open about the use of a gestational carrier.    Since the incidence of infertility is probably not different for celebrities and the general population many celebrities have used egg donation, donor sperm,  and IVF to conceive.  The recent openness of celebrities about their fertility issues has made it easier for the “regular” folks to see they are not the only one have fertility issues and that the use of egg donors, gestational carriers, donor sperm may be more common than one thinks.

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