Colorado Fertility Clinic Now Enrolling in Egg Freezing Study

Leading fertility clinic in Colorado, Rocky Mountain Fertility Center, is now enrolling in the second phase of its egg Fertility Clinic in Denverfreezing study. The research is evaluating various methods of freezing eggs for subsequent fertilization. The technique is also called oocyte cryopreservation. Those individuals who are chosen to participate in the study can expect to save over $5000 on their IVF with ICSI treatment cycle. For more information and scheduling, call (303) 999-3877.

For this phase of the study, the eggs will be frozen for a few hours, then thawed and fertilized for the Colorado IVF process. The first phase involved freezing the eggs and then immediately un-freezing them, while the third phase will involve freezing them for months prior to thawing.

Egg cyopreservation is no longer considered experimental by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and represents an exciting option for those with cancer, ethical concerns about destroying excess embryos and more. Colorado IVF ClinicRocky Mountain Fertility is on the cutting edge of this technology, and is committed to understanding which egg cryopreservation technique represents acceptable methods for reproduction.

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