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Infertility Treatment Costs

We accept most major insurance plans at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center and offer affordable options for those without fertility insurance benefits. In order to help with the costs of fertility diagnosis and treatment, we offer a low discounted prepaid package price* for some services at our fertility centers in Colorado and South Dakota.

Our fees for in vitro fertilization are among the lowest fees charged for IVF / Assisted Reproduction in Colorado or South Dakota. In order to receive the discounted price, the fees must be paid in full before the start of the cycle. All patients electing to be pre-pay must sign a waiver that you have elected to be pre-pay for the below packages. Pre-pay offers an approximately 50% discount on IVF services over the bill insurance price. Please contact our office for more details about our pre-pay discounted services.

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Medical financing is available to patients who need help covering the costs of fertility services. Patients can find financing through Prosper Financing, WIN Fertility, Fund My Dr. or the Lending Club.

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Discounted Infertility Package Prices

Below are our prepay discounted package prices:
(Prices are subject to change at any time)

Item Cost
Sperm Wash with IUI or TDI Only $400
Clomiphene/Letrozole, Ultrasound Monitoring with Insemination* $875
Clomiphene/Letrozole, Ultrasound Monitoring without Insemination* $600
Gonadotropins, Estradiols, Ultrasound Monitoring with Insemination* $1,500
In Vitro Fertilization* with ICSI and Embryo Freezing** $11,350
In Vitro Fertilization with PGT-A $12,350
Second Cycle of IVF with CCS within 6 Months of Original IVF with CCS Cycle $11,350
Oocyte Freezing (One Cycle)* $6,200
Oocyte Freezing (Two Cycles)* $10,000
Oocyte Freezing (Three Cycles)* $13,500
FET Package* $4,350
Donor Oocyte Cycle* with ICSI and Embryo Freezing*** (Meds Not Included) $14,900
Donor Egg with Egg Freezing Split (Share Eggs)*** (Includes Donor Meds) $13,900
Donor Oocyte Cycle with ICSI and Embryo Freezing, Shared Cycle*** (Includes Donor Meds) $12,900
Sperm Wash Only (IUI Done at OBGYN Office)* $358
Tubal Reversal Procedures Click Here
Preimplantation Genetic Testing (and CCS) with IVF, ICSI and Embryo Transfer of Normal Embryos Click Here

* Does not include the cost of medications

** The prepay package pricing listed on the table already includes the self-pay cash discount. There is no further discount on these package prices. The anesthesia fee is not included, which is $400.

*** Does not include fees for psychological evaluation, cost of medications for donor (unless indicated) or recipient, anesthesia fee for the donor and donor agency fees to recruit your donor.


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