Egg Donation: An Overview of the Procedure

If you are contemplating becoming an egg donor, congratulations on the rewarding experience that you are about to be a part of! Your decision to donate your eggs is going to make a childless couple somewhere the happy recipient of your egg, if you are found suitable for the procedure.

Egg Donation Denver

Who can be an egg donor?

Ahead of going in for an egg donation Denver, you need to know if you are a suitable donor. Here are some initial items you can review to see if you are eligible:

• A suitable donor should be fit, healthy and aged between 18 and 35 years of age

• You should not have an transmittable disease in your medical history

• You should not have a family history of congenital or hereditary disorders

• You should have normal blood results for any screening tests conducted

• You should not have a history of poor response to infertility drugs

• You should not have a medical history of endometriosis

If you feel that you are eligible, here are the next steps you can expect at the colorado fertility clinic during your egg donation Denver procedure.

The five steps of egg donation

There are five main steps to the egg donation Denver procedure:

Initial screening

In case you are a first time donor, or one who has not donated in some time, you will have to pass through a couple of initial screening tests. Here is what you can expect:

• A sample of your blood will be taken on the 3rd day of your menstrual cycle. These will be tested for various hormones and you may also be expected to do a transvaginal ultrasound.

• Psychological screening: This is a 3 – 4 hour procedure that will take place only if the hormonal tests from your bloodwork come back as normal.

Medical Screening

Once you have positively cleared your initial screening at the colorado fertility clinic, the doctor will then conduct some medical and genetic screening tests. This is normally a one day process that will take place in the hospital and you may be required to stay overnight. These tests will check for any sexually transmitted disease, HIV, Hepatitis as well as tests for drugs or nicotine in the body.

Legal Procedures

Once you are proved to be medically fit for the process, you will be assigned a lawyer who will help you negotiate the contract that you will have to sign with the receiving colorado fertility clinic. Once this is done, you will be issued a legal clearance letter that will allow you to continue with the process.
Synchronisation and stimulation

This is the process by which you will begin to be prepped for your egg production. You will be placed on a birth control pill regimen so that your menstrual cycle is synchronised with that of the recipient. You will then be taught to administer yourself daily hormonal shots and may be given other medication. At all times during this procedure, you will also need to regularly visit the clinic to make sure everything is normal.

Egg retrieval

Once the eggs are ready to be harvested, you will be called into the clinic for a half hour procedure during which the eggs will be retrieved from your vagina. You will also need to remain in the hospital for one or two hours post the procedure to recover.

The process of egg donation is a noble one should you consider it and can also be financially rewarding.

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