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Egg Freezing Denver, COWhat do you do if you know you want to have a baby someday, but you aren’t sure that everything will line up just right when that time comes? If you’re not sure you will be able to have children in the future, either due to situation or illness, you may consider freezing your eggs for future use. You can freeze your eggs and then carry them yourself, or use a surrogate. Keep reading to learn about egg freezing.

What is egg freezing?

Being able to freeze your eggs is a new possibility. Using a breakthrough technology, you can freeze and store your eggs until you are ready to get pregnant. When that time comes, your own eggs are thawed, fertilized, and then transferred to either your or a surrogate’s uterus.

Why would you need to freeze your own eggs?

Depending on your specific situation, freezing eggs might be the only option that will allow you to have children that you share genetics with. If you are concerned about the possibility of infertility due to chemotherapy, illness, or surgery, freezing your eggs while you are still fertile can be an amazing option. Also, women who are concerned about their eggs running out because of age, or couples who do not ethically agree with embryo freezing may benefit from egg freezing.

What are the risks? 

there are a few risks that you should be aware of before you undergo the egg freezing process, such as:

Issues related to the use of fertility drugs.

On occasion, the use of injectable fertility drugs can cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, where your ovaries become painful and swollen after eggs are retrieved. Some patients who experienced this complication felt mild abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Egg retrieval procedure complications.

On rare occasion, there are complications because of the procedure and needle that is used to collect your eggs. An aspirating needle could cause bleeding or infection. Keep in mind that you will be under general anesthesia during the procedure, so be aware of the risks whenever you are under.

Emotional risks.

Freezing your eggs may give you a false hope of starting a family. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of success (as with IVF), so understand that, though chances can be good, there is still a possibility that egg freezing may not result in a baby.

How much does it cost?

Essentially, when you are freezing your eggs, you are undergoing IVF. Make sure to ask about the cost before you begin and consider pre-paying if we are currently offering a discount. Make sure to ask about storage fees for your eggs, as well.

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