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Fertility specialists such as the fertility clinic RMFC recognize that women are waiting longer to start

Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing has seen some amazing technological advancements recently.

families.  Recent trends are showing that more and more women are waiting until they are in their thirties and even forties before having children.

However, women over the age of 35 years of age may find that conceiving a healthy baby may be difficult and challenging.  Due to the progress of technology and advances in the field of fertility, methods of egg freezing are becoming popular. Denver fertility clinic RMFC provides egg freezing services.

The egg freezing process allows women the freedom to store their eggs when they are at a younger age and then, when they are ready to begin a family or add to their existing family, the eggs will be ready.

The egg freezing process is designed to increase the options of a woman, or if she is not ready to keep the eggs for when the time is right.

Egg Production and Age

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Women start ovulating with about a million eggs.

When a female is born, she generally has about one million eggs.  By the time she reaches puberty, nearly 50 percent have decreased and hundreds more will decrease with each passing month.

Once a woman reaches her twenties the quality of the eggs begins to diminish as well.  As the aging process continues, both the number and quality of eggs begins to degenerate making it more difficult to conceive a healthy baby.

Chromosomal defects tend to increase with age and by the time a woman reaches her thirties there is a higher chance of unhealthy embryos, which may result in birth defects of the child.  When women utilize the eggs of younger women, whether from egg donors or themselves for egg freezing, they increase their own pregnancy rates to emulate those of women in their twenties.

Egg Freezing Advances in Technology

While sperm and fertilized eggs have long been successfully frozen, egg-freezing technology has been more difficult in years past and subsequently undergone a wide measure of advancements and breakthroughs.  Previous difficulties included the possible formation of ice crystals during the egg freezing process.

The ice crystals and the hardened membrane of the egg often interfered with the fertilization process.  Technological advanced have since improved and have caused the egg freezing process to be more successful.Denver fertility clinic

Two such advances have made great improvements to the egg freezing process.  First, a culture media system was developed that is designed to inhibit the egg from forming crystals during the freezing process.  The system dehydrates the egg and then rehydrates it when thawed.

Secondly, the innovation of ICSI or intracytoplasmic sperm injection, has greatly improved fertilization rates with egg freezing.  This process involves the single sperm injection procedure into one egg.

Egg freezing techniques and procedures continue to advance, offering further breakthroughs within the fertility field.

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