How to Become The Next Egg Donor?

Stop struggling to conceive, have donor’s egg and go through the gestational process now!

Many women face difficulty in having their own babies due to eggs. Therefore, a donor’s egg is a ray of hope for those infertile women and a best chance to become pregnant. With the help of this procedure, the recipient is able to go through the gestational process and have the experience of becoming a proud mother.

be an egg donor

However, becoming an egg donor is a stressful task and at times overwhelming. It is one of the best experiences for the donor who helps other to bring a child to the world. In Colorado, there are several steps to become an egg donor, which needs patience and flexible schedule as well. For this invaluable time, egg donor receives financial compensation, and the organization covers their medical expenses as well.


What are the qualifications to become an egg donor?

The egg donor has to undergo several screening process to ensue the health and safety of the user. Here are some criteria which an egg donor has to meet before she participate in the donation process –

  • Her age should be between 20 and 31
  • She should be a non-smoker and with no history of alcohol or drug abuse
  • Her weight should be within 20 pounds
  • There should be history of genetic disease or disorders
  • Should be able to give self-injected medicine on a daily basis
  • Should be flexible with the appointment scheduled during the donation cycle

After meeting these criterions, the egg donor needs to complete the application regarding her health history, family history as well. Then she undergoes a complete screening to check sexually or generic diseases.


What steps the egg donation process involves?

After the screening is over, the donor’s egg is matched with the egg recipient and the cycle begins. The object of such cycle is to have eggs from the donor, which are fertilized and after which the embryo is transferred to the recipient.

Three main steps are associated within this process –

Ovarian Stimulation : This is the process to synchronize the menstrual cycles of the donor and recipient. Thus, the donor begins to develop multiple eggs having the hormone injections prescribed to her. The donor is under close monitoring with ultrasound blood tests.

Egg Retrieval : With the help of the ultrasound, eggs get removed from the follicles and the donor gets sedated during this process. The total hour count of this process is just 45 minutes.

Fertilization and Implantation : as soon as the eggs are received they are fertilized with the male sperm and between 3 to 5 days recipient receives the embryo.

Well becoming an egg donor in Colorado is largely concerned about the fact whether they are able to have children after donating. However, do you know donating eggs never decreases your chances to conceive as an average produces 400,000 eggs? Even some women are unaware that they can donate eggs despite their tubes being tied. Even the women using contraceptive pills can also donate eggs, but those who have joined birth control programs will not be entertained.


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