IVF with Egg Donation in Colorado and South Dakota

IVF DenverIn vitro fertilization – the process by which an egg is fertilized by combining it with sperm in a laboratory, and the embryo transplanted to the mother’s uterus – is typically done using the mother’s own eggs. But a number of infertility conditions may make it difficult or impossible to retrieve eggs from the mother’s ovaries. When this is the case, anonymous egg donation is an excellent option for infertile couples.

How IVF with egg donation works

Both the egg donor and the mother will take a synthetic hormone or birth control pills in order to sync their reproductive cycles. This is because it’s important to make sure the egg donor is ovulating when the mother’s uterine lining is prepared to support an embryo. They donor will also be prescribed one or more fertility medications to induce the development of several mature eggs. While this is happening the mother will be administered progesterone and estrogen to help get her uterus ready to support a growing embryo.

The donor’s mature eggs are then removed from her ovaries, and conventional in vitro fertilization or ICSI is performed at our fertility center in Colorado exactly the way it would be if the mother’s own eggs were being used. Once eggs are successfully fertilized, the mother’s doctor will insert embryos into her uterus using a thin, Colorado IVFflexible catheter. About two weeks after the embryos are placed in the mother’s uterus, she will take a pregnancy test to determine if the IVF was successful.

While it is common to transfer several embryos at once during IVF, some experts recommend only transferring one embryo at a time if the parents want to avoid multiple births. If the parents decide to do this, additional embryos can be frozen and used if the initial IVF is unsuccessful. IVF is successful about 75-85% of the time. Multiple embryos implant in the uterine wall in about 40% of pregnancies using multiple donor eggs.

At Rocky Mountain Fertility Center, our fertility specialists can pair couples with an anonymous egg donor. Couples can choose the donor based on family and ethnic background, physical appearance, education, occupation, and personal habits. Our donors undergo extensive medical and genetic screening and are tested to ensure they do not have sexually transmitted diseases, HIV or hepatitis.

We are committed to helping our patients experience successful pregnancies whenever possible. IVF with donor eggs is one of the many treatment options available. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!

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