Leading Colorado Fertility Doctor Discusses Egg Freezing

Dr. Deborah Smith, one of the leading infertility doctors in Colorado, was recently interviewed about Egg Freezing and offered insights into this cutting edge technology.

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center is currently in Phase 2 of an egg freezing study. Egg freezing is offered to women of reproductive age who fall into several categories: Dr. Smith2

  • Those who are receiving radiation or chemo treatments and would like to freeze their eggs prior to those treatments beginning.
  • Women who are participating in an RMFC research study.
  • Lifestyle decision for those women who still have acceptable oocytes.
  • Women who are participating in IVF for infertility, but at the time the partner is not available or another reason.
  • Those with early menopause risk.
  • Ethical or religious reasons.

Currently, egg freezing is limited to those women up to age 38. If further research shows that egg freezing is viable later than that, then Dr. Smith will consider elevating that age ceiling. Being a cutting edge Denver fertility clinic, RMFC is able to store the frozen eggs on site.

The current cash price to freeze eggs at RMFC is $7000. There are reducing prices for those with cancer through Fertility Clinic Coloradothe Livestrong Sharing Hope program. The packages is exclusive of any necessary pre-requisite testing.

Dr. Smith described some women who are poor candidates for egg freezing, including those who cannot take fertility medications or are not satisfactory candidates for egg retrieval should not have the procedure done.

The procedure is an exciting one because it opens up fertility options to those facing cancer treatment, those facing premature menopause, ethical or lifestyle issues and more.

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