Putting A Price On Human Eggs Makes Any Sense? What Denver People Suggest

Conceiving a baby to start a family is a dream of most couples. However, unfortunately, some are faced with extreme hurdles in the way of conceiving due to infertility issues. Assisted reproductive technologies using a donor egg is one of the ways to cross such hurdles. Here, a woman (known or anonymous) donates or sells her eggs directly to the couple or through and agency to be used in fertilizing with the sperm to create an embryo for implantation in the recipient’s uterus. Even though egg donation is a wonderful thing that has helps many couples across the world in conceiving, a number of ethical concerns may be raised concerning egg donation, especially when the process involves the exchange of money instead of altruistic donation.

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Putting a price on human eggs appear to be a highly controversial issue. The question here is whether a human egg with a potential to give life to a human being be used as a saleable community in the clinical market? Initial inspection of this matter might not support the selling of human eggs as this could mean devaluing human life, reproduction and family system. On the other hand, it is also important to give consideration to those couples and individuals who are facing unhappiness due to a lack of a child in their life. Altruistic egg donation is very rare resulting in most couples waiting for a long time, sometimes many years, before they receive an egg from a concerned donor to undergo assisted reproductive therapy. So, from the point of view of society, where every individual is a member of the society, it is the responsibility of all members to ensure the well-being of the other members of the society. So, if couples and individuals find purchasing human eggs a more convenient and possible way to conceive a baby, then it should not be an issue of great concern, right? Another great area of concern is that an absence of a legal payment process to purchase human eggs could lead to the development of a black market where women will be subject to exploitation. Unregulated egg donation could be potentially dangerous for women since processes performed to extract eggs from the donor will no longer need to necessarily adhere to strict legal guidelines. Also, one needs to change the use of the term ‘egg purchase’ as the payment made in exchange of the donor’s egg can be considered as compensation for the financial and non-financial losses experienced by the egg donor. Instead of putting a value on the egg, the payment made can be attributed to the transportation costs, wage loss, physical discomfort of the donor, the risks undertaken by her, the loss of her time and personal commitments.

Ultimately, when payment is made to the egg donor in exchange of her service, both she and the payee end up satisfied as the goals of both are fulfilled in the process. Egg donation, involving or not involving payment, is thus an extremely important means of helping thousands to achieve their dreams. Support programs like the ones that support egg donation in Denver, are educating more and more people about the importance and utility of egg donation. Programs that support egg donation in Denver have managed to educate many to change their minds in favour of egg donation involving payment to the donor.

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