Stress and Fertility

Infertility Treatments Parker, COThe full connection between stress and fertility is still unknown, but studies suggest your stress level certainly plays a role in your ability to get pregnant. Pregnancy is far more likely to occur for couples that feel happy and relaxed versus those who feel anxious and tense. For instance, reducing stress might help enhance the proteins in the uterine lining that contribute to implantation. Decreased stress may also increase blood flow to the uterus, which influences conception as well. Ultimately, how stress impacts fertility is individual to each woman. Let’s address specific ideas you can use to decrease your stress level.

How to reduce your stress

  • Stretching and yoga: If you find it difficult to calm down using meditation, gentle stretches and yoga exercises might do the trick. Attend a class, buy a DVD, or find free online classes you can do from home. Find a style of yoga that focuses on movement and breathing.
  • Relax for the right reasons: Don’t try to relax and de-stress just because you want to get pregnant. Do it because it clears your mind, energizes your body, and makes you feel better.
  • Write it down: By writing your concerns out on paper, you give yourself a new perspective on your worries. It can also help you feel more in control, more positive, and less anxious about what is frustrating you.
  • Have sex for fun: For anyone who has dealt with fertility-related stress, baby-making can start to feel like a science project. Try having sex when you’re not ovulating or take a weekend getaway to change the scenery and enjoy a romantic night out.
  • Talk to a professional: Maybe you’ve already made a courageous effort to get your stress level under control, but aren’t feeling a change. If you have been dealing with stress and anxiety for some time now and nothing seems to help, consider visiting a psychiatrist or psychologist to help you get on track.

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If you have questions or concerns about how to improve your chances of getting pregnant, don’t hesitate to call the Rocky Mountain Fertility Center. You can reach us at 303-999-3877 (Parker/Castle Rock) or 605-341-5547 (South Dakota).

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