The Basics of Oocyte Donation (Egg Donation)

Oocyte donation is a very helpful treatment for those women who have either poor egg quality or decreased egg quality due to age.  Often, women in their late 30s or early 40s will find their eggs have become less than ideal for use in a pregnancy, but can remedy this situation through the use of  donor eggs.

When should egg donation be explored?

Egg donation should be a consideration for those women who have not responded to even the highest Top Fertility Cliniclevel of fertility drugs with the production of a viable egg(s) or for women over 45 years of age that desire pregnancy. Additionally, egg donation is used in women who have had testing performed on their current “egg status” (ovarian reserve testing) to be given a poor prognosis or for women that have a genetic problem which would preclude the patient from having a healthy child.

When egg donation is selected as a treatment option to assist with couple’s desire for pregnancy, a fertility specialist will work closely with the couple to help them through the process. The first thing that must be accomplished is the determination of where the patient would like the egg to come from.

Common options for a  choice of an egg donor at a fertility clinic include known egg donors, such as willing friends or family, anonymous donors from an egg donor agency, and the Colorado fertility clinic itself.

Matching a Donor to the Couple

One benefit of using a donated egg is the ability to choose the characteristics wanted for the child. Many egg donor agencies have a large database of egg donors and will provide potential clients the option to create a wish list of traits. Most women tend to match their own physical characteristics.

This list is then compared to the known eggs on hand, where hopefully a donor will be available to provide their eggs for use. This gives the egg recipients partial control in what traits they would like to see within their potential child, provided a match can be made.Infertility Doctors in Colorado

Egg donation is very beneficial for those couples who are not having success with their own eggs in fertility treatments, especially when it is determined that the lack of success is due to the quality of the eggs. Depending on the patients individual circumstances pregnancy rates from donated eggs can be as high as 80%.

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