The Facts on IUI: Using Partner or Donor Sperm

Denver fertility clinicUp to 47% of infertility problems are caused by male factors such as obstruction of the vas deferens, ejaculation failure, or hormonal deficiencies. When this is the case, couples who are having difficulty conceiving may be helped by intrauterine insemination of sperm collected from the woman’s partner.

A semen specimen is collected from him, processed to remove impurities and concentrate the sperm into a small volume, and directly placed in the woman’s uterine cavity with a sterile, flexible catheter. Following insemination, the sperm move through the fallopian tubes and find their way to the eggs. IUI is a simple outpatient procedure that is performed with very little discomfort to the patient.

In most cases, partner sperm IUI is feasible, but in others donor sperm may be the only option. Which choice is best depends on the conditions responsible for infertility.

Conditions where partner sperm IUI is recommended include:

  • Marginally lowered sperm count
  • Diminished sperm mobility
  • High numbers of sperm with abnormal morphologyInfertility-Sign
  • Poor cervical mucus with cervical factor infertility
  • Anti-sperm antibodies in either partner

Conditions where donor sperm IUI is recommended include:

  • Complete absence of sperm in the partner’s semen or testicles
  • Prior vasectomy
  • Prior cancer therapy with radiation or chemo

The decision to use donor sperm is very significant, which is why we work with our patients to ensure they have explored all available options and are making the best possible choice for their circumstances. A Fertility Specialist in Colorado will present the numerous options available to a couple who is having difficulty conceiving to help make their decision easier.

At Rocky Mountain Fertility Center, all donor samples are carefully screened for sexually transmitted diseases. Anonymously supplied semen is recommended because emotional issues may occur when sperm from known donors is used. All of our sperm donors are rigorously screened for HIV, hepatitis, and other STDs and undergo comprehensive documentation of medical, family and genetic history. We also collect information regarding their personal habits, physical appearance, use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs, education, and personal interests.

If a donor candidate passes their screening and evaluation, his semen is frozen, quarantined and repeatedly tested for STDs. Sperm is only released for use if all tests are negative. Prior to IUI, each specimen is evaluated and processed to prepare it. The recipient’s ovulation will be optimized with fertility medication, and ultrasound evaluation will determine that her fallopian tubes are open.

At Rocky Mountain Fertility Center we are committed to ensuring our patients’ IUI procedures are successful. Our Colorado fertility center offer the best possible results to our patients. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!

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