What Are The Options for Male Infertility?

In approximately 33-40 percent of infertile couples, a problem with the male partner is determined as the cause for infertility.  While most physicians focus the fertility evaluation traditionally on the woman, the male partner should not be ignored, as a large portion of infertility cases are due to a problem with the male partner.

Infertility Doctors ColoradoFertility clinic specialists are able to diagnose and treat infertility in men through a full range of services. Initial evaluation will involve evaluation of the sperm with a semen analysis. A semen analysis should be performed after 3 days of abstinence and looks at the sperm count, sperm motility, and shape of the sperm. Other parameters evaluated include the pH, viscosity, number of WBC and the presence of bacteria.   Most of the time the sperm is collected by masturbation into a sterile cup, however there are seminal collections devices available for men who prefer to collect their sample through intercourse.

If the semen analysis is normal than no further evaluation is needed in the male especially, if he does not complain of erectile dysfunction or decreased libido. Many men with abnormal sperm counts or low sperm motility have sperm abnormalities that can be treated. For men that have an abnormal semen analysis tests that should be considered to determine the cause include a chromosomal analysis, evaluation for deletions on the Y chromosome, thyroid studies, prolactin hormone levels, FSH, semen cultures and testosterone levels.

While there is often no way to correct the genetic problem, there are ways to improve reproductive efficiency within the couple if a genetic problem exists.  Infections, thyroid disease and elevated prolactin levels can be treated with medication.  When there are hormone deficiencies, Fertility Clinic Coloradothe problem may be treated with medications, such as clomiphene,  but these cases are rare.

In mild to moderate cases of sperm abnormalities, insemination can be performed with a Colorado fertility clinic.   Other treatment options include, vasectomy reversal ( not very successful if the vasectomy is over 5 years old).  Sperm extraction for in vitro fertilization with ICSI.  Severe abnormalities that result in low sperm count or low sperm motility may require in vitro fertilization with ICSI as IUI would have a very low chance of success.  Complete absence of sperm in the ejaculate and testes will require donor sperm insemination to conceive.

Advances in the area of male infertility treatment allow men with an abnormal count to be able to conceive with their partner.  If you and your partner have repeatedly attempted to get pregnant for more than six months without success, it may be time to discuss your concerns with a fertility specialist who understands the emotional and medical issues that arise.  A professional team that can diagnose and treat male infertility is available.  Fertility specialists can help you reach your goal and achieve your dreams of having a family.

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