What is Involved with an Ovarian Reserve Evaluation?

canstockphoto20259096What is Evaluation of Ovarian Reserve?

Ovarian Reserve is the medical terminology for tests to evaluate the quality of a woman’s eggs and quantity of remaining eggs.  As women age their ovarian reserve declines.  Some women with infertility will have a premature decline in their ovarian reserve that leads to difficulty achieving pregnancy.

How Can Ovarian Reserve be Evaluated?

There are many tests that can evaluate a woman’s ovarian reserve these tests include:

A Blood test: This is used to determine various hormonal levels such as Anti-Mullerian, estradiol and the Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). This is the most common method of checking ovarian reserve.  Sometimes fertility specialist will check Inhibin B levels in addition.

An Ultrasound of the woman’s ovaries to help determine the number of antral follicles in the ovaries. An antral follicle is a resting egg in the ovary.  The higher the count the more fertile a woman is.  A normal count is typically greater than 15. Women with a low number of antral follicles in the  ovaries will have a hard time responding to fertility treatments.

Clomiphene challenge test: this helps to evaluate how the ovaries respond once they are minimally stimulated.  This test was used more commonly 10 years ago.  It is not used very often any more.

Who Is Eligible to have an Evaluation of Ovarian Reserve?canstockphoto18016934

Ovarian reserve evaluation is recommended for couples especially women above 35 years of age and who have tried

unsuccessfully to get pregnant for the last six months. It can also be appropriate for couples who are below 35 years and who have tried to conceive for more than one year without success.

The ovarian evaluation test is also known as the most important test in infertility treatment since any treatment decisions will largely depend on number and quality of the eggs.


Why Prefer the Evaluation of the Ovarian Reserve?

The evaluation process helps couple treat conditions of infertility. Further, it helps them identify the main cause of the infertility. It will also help them consult the doctor about matters concerning the procedure and guide them in making wise decisions.

Well, this is a perfect remedy for individuals or women who have been trying so hard to conceive with no success. Consider, visiting the doctor and enquire more about the evaluation of the ovarian reserve.

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