Why would men choose to have their sperm stored via a cryopreservation procedure?

by Dr. Deborah Smith

Cryopreservation of sperm is a method many men choose when they are faced with any number of complications that may inhibit their sperm production in the future.

Cryopreservation of the sperm is an option to be considered if a man has been diagnosed with cancer, is scheduled for a testicular surgery, is involved in a reproductive technology procedure, or is in a high-risk occupation with a chance of damage to the reproductive system of the body.

Why choose cryopreservation?

Freezing the sperm with cryopreservation enables a man to provide his genetic material to a partner during times when he may not be able to be physically present to provide it himself.Denver fertility clinic

·      Vasectomy

For those who are considering a vasectomy, the option to preserve semen prior to the surgery provides peace of mind. Freezing this material allows for the potential surgery patient to have the ability to still have viable semen if they decide they wish to reproduce later in life.

·      Fertility complications

For those couples who are having fertility complications as a result of the man unavoidably becoming unable to provide semen, having it frozen provides an alternative option and can increase the potential benefit of an assisted reproductive procedure. For these couples, the sperm is withdrawn and frozen until the female partner is ready to have that sperm mated with one of her eggs.

At this point the sperm can be thawed out and applied in an insemination process within the laboratory when the egg has been determined to be at the most ready. This process can greatly increase the chance of a potential pregnancy by having the sperm readily available for use within the IVF process.

·      Oligozoospermia

Cryopreservation can also be used as a pseudo-treatment for a man who has oligozoospermia, or a low sperm concentration. The clinic is able to take multiple samples of frozen sperm with Fertility Clinic Denverlow concentration and pool them together to provide a sample that is of regular concentration or better for use in insemination. This technique of pooling via freezing provides even those with the lowest of sperm counts the option to provide a productive sample for use in assisted reproductive procedures.

·      Infertility

For men who may be entering into a state of infertility, whether due to work or medical treatments, cryopreservation is able to store a viable sperm sample prior to this.

Cryopreservation provides these men the option to still have a child with their genetic material even if they have been rendered infertile by an outside effect.

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