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Fertility Clinic in Colorado & South Dakota


There are many things that make Rocky Mountain Fertility Center unique, including:

1. Experience – We have over 25 years of experience treating patients with infertility problems

2. Success – Our fertility clinic has very high success rates!

3. Top Doctors – Dr. Smith has been named a Top Fertility Doctor by, Health Tap and Patient’s Choice

4. Board Certified in Reproductive Endocrinology – Our fertility clinic has the only IVF program in South Denver where every physician that is performing IVF on-site is board certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

5. Personalized Care – Our fertility clinic is a smaller program with personal attention. You will actually see the fertility doctor and nurse at your visits, NOT the ultrasound tech only.

6. Insurance – Rocky Mountain Fertility Center accepts most major insurances

7. Billing – Our fertility clinic will bill your insurance provider so you don’t have to

8. Access – Our fertility clinic is located in a great location right off E-470 and Parker Road, close to I-25

9. Costs – For those without insurance coverage for fertility treatment, we offer treatment packages for IUI and IVF

10. Options – There is no IVF “hard sell.”  If you are not ready for IVF,  our fertility doctor will provide you with other excellent options.



The journey through infertility is an emotional one,  especially if the journey has been difficult. Not understanding what the future may hold, how much fertility treatments may cost and whether or not you will be successful, makes the path to parenthood more complex.

At Rocky Mountain Fertility Center we guarantee we will listen. Your fertility doctor will talk to you about your unique challenges to become a parent and will provide you with the highest level of care, which is instrumental to the success of starting your family.

We guarantee that we will explain your best options, the success rates and the costs involved with your fertility care. We will also explain the possible “bumps along the way” during your treatment, which may make treatment less successful. You will never feel pressured to choose a treatment option that may be too expensive or invasive, as you pursue your dream of having a child. We will guide you on your journey from infertility to family.

By the time you walk through the door of our fertility clinic and meet our dedicated team and fertility doctor, we understand that you have been struggling to have a child for some time. Regardless of if have had a long journey already or if you are just starting out on this journey, we offer hope as you build your family.

With convenient fertility clinic locations in Colorado (Parker and Castle Rock) and South Dakota (Rapid City), Rocky Mountain Fertility Center makes it easy to come in for care for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility problems, recurrent miscarriages, hormone problems or reproductive disorders requiring a specialists’ care. RMFC specializes in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility in a warm and friendly environment. We offer a full-service fertility clinic with an onsite IVF lab and andrology lab.

Founded on the principles of high success rates, cutting edge technology and personalized attention, we guarantee to give you the high-quality care you deserve. Although all fertility centers have access to the same advanced technology, not all fertility centers are the same. At our fertility clinic, the care you receive is personalized.

Our fertility doctor, nurses, embryologists and administrative team are devoted to the practice of treating couples or individuals needing assistance with their fertility. A critical factor in your success is the experience of the team. At Rocky Mountain Fertility Center, we have taken great care to bring together an experienced team of health providers to our fertility clinic.



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