The Gift of Life

Starting a family by conceiving a baby is a common need of most couples worldwide. The joy and happiness of being a parent is unparalleled. Unfortunately, the path to achieve this dream may be riddled with hurdles for some couples or individuals. Unsolvable fertility issues might spell disaster on the lives of those who wish to conceive. However, one need not feel so helpless and hopeless in this age of modern medical science where Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) including procedures like In Vitro Fertility, are creating little miracles every day. With the help of modern science, more and more number of couples and individuals are enjoying the bliss of parenthood.

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Often, a woman who desires to conceive is unable to produce healthy eggs. It is under such situations that she becomes dependant on another woman’s donated eggs. Donating eggs can be the most rewarding thing a woman can do. It is like she is gifting ‘life’ itself to a needy couple or individual to make their wishes of parenthood come true. An altruistic donation speaks volumes about a woman’s kindness and helpful nature. However, besides altruistic donation, eggs can also be donated in exchange of money to compensate for the service and time a woman is offering during the donation process. Any woman within a pre-determined age range and fitness level is deemed fit to donate her eggs. The eggs are fertilized with the male sperm in vitro and the embryo that results from fertilization is then implanted into the recipient’s uterus. Fertility clinics such as Colorado Fertility Clinic conducts such procedures. If successfully implanted, the embryo grows into a child.

Becoming an egg donor is no rocket science. It requires certain lifestyle alterations for a small period of time, receiving some hormonal therapies for stimulation of ovulation and slight discomfort during the extraction of the eggs. However, there are rare cases where egg donation process has led to health complications in the donor. It is thus important to undergo the procedure only at a reputable clinic like the Colorado Fertility Clinic, under the supervision of experienced doctors. If you wish to be an egg donor, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle during the donation process like cutting down on alcohol and smoking, not receiving tattoos or piercings recently as that increases the risk of carrying blood borne pathogens and similar lifestyle modifications. A previous healthy pregnancy and delivery is also a bonus for being chosen as an egg donor.

An egg donor can choose to be anonymous or reveal her identity. On most occasions of known donor cases, the egg donor is a relative or friend of the recipient. In cases of anonymous donation, eggs are deposited by donors at an agency that keeps the identity of the donor a secret and only reveals the necessary genetic information to the recipients.

Overall, the process of egg donation is helping many couples all over the world start their own family by bringing up a baby. Without the ‘gift of life’ this could not be possible and society must be grateful to these women who donate their eggs to seal someone else’s happiness.

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