4 Common Causes of Infertility

4 Common Causes of Infertility

Our team at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center, led by Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Deborah Smith, combines the most advanced medical technology with the skills of top-level fertility specialists to help you realize your parenting dreams.

We’re also committed to providing personalized patient-focused care, including the information you need to make informed decisions about fertility treatments. Read what our experts at this award-winning practice say about four common causes of infertility and the solutions they offer.

Researchers estimate that nearly 7 million Americans struggle with infertility, which may be related to:


Dr. Smith estimates that about 20% of infertility issues are related to a lack of ovulation (anovulation) caused by hormonal imbalances interfering with egg development. Underlying causes of anovulation include:

Our comprehensive infertility evaluation at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center includes a detailed review of your medical and menstrual cycle history, a physical exam, lab tests, ultrasound, and other diagnostic studies that accurately identify ovulation problems.

Solutions for anovulation include treating the underlying cause(s). In addition, our services include ovulation induction, which stimulates your ovaries to develop eggs. 

Structural issues

From 20% to 40% of women struggling with infertility have structural issues affecting the uterus, ovaries, or fallopian tubes. These may include adhesions, scar tissue, or other limitations caused by:

Dr. Smith provides minimally invasive surgery to address structural issues causing infertility. Because these procedures are performed with small abdominal incisions or via the cervical canal, most are same-day surgeries and thus don’t require overnight hospitalization.

Women who have previously undergone tubal ligation but now desire to have children may also be eligible for minimally invasive tubal ligation reversal

The success of reversal often depends on the type of ligation performed and other factors relating to your overall fertility. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is also an increasingly successful option for women with a history of tubal ligation.

Abnormal sperm count

Sperm abnormalities account for approximately 40% of infertility issues. A semen analysis provides a comprehensive study of sperm concentration, motility, progressive sperm motility, and a qualitative evaluation of the size and shape of available sperm.

These factors all play a role in fertility, and depending on your semen analysis results, Dr. Smith may refer you to a male fertility specialist for further evaluation and treatment. 

Other infertility solutions for an abnormal sperm count include IVF and intrauterine insemination. These procedures use your sperm or, depending on evaluation results, may require donor sperm.

Unknown cause 

The cause of infertility remains a mystery in about 15% of cases. But the Rocky Mountain Fertility Center team notes that these individuals enjoy a high success rate with therapies Dr. Smith designs to fit their unique needs and circumstances.

Don’t give up on your dreams. Instead, schedule an evaluation at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center today for solutions to infertility. Call our office in Parker, Colorado, or request an appointment through our secure online service.

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