5 Tips for Choosing Your Egg Donation Specialist

Dr. Deborah Smith is one of the top rated and experienced fertility specialists in the United States, and she leads our team here at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center. We have offices in Englewood/ Parker, Colorado, and Rapid City, South Dakota, and are proud of our high success rates at helping couples achieve their dreams of having a child. It’s one of the highest success rates in the nation, in fact.

We’re passionate about using the most effective and innovative treatments available to our potential parents and are committed to offering the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your care.

As part of that mission, we’re happy to give you a few tips about choosing the right specialist for egg donation  journey, which offers many women who are not able to provide their own eggs the opportunity to experience a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

1. Consider training and experience

Fertility specialists and their teams require an extensive amount of training and experience to be successful. When you’re choosing a Reproductive Endocrinologist, choose someone who is board certified and did a fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology, don’t be afraid to ask about training, credentials, success rates, and experience.

2. Check the facility’s public reputation

Here at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center, we’re happy to provide patient testimonials here on our website as well as information regarding the awards we’ve earned from various local, state, and national medical associations. Any office you’re considering partnering with should be willing to do the same.

3. Check your overall comfort level

Fertility treatments are stressful for many reasons. The egg recipient process typically requires multiple office visits to undergo often unfamiliar medical procedures. This can feel overwhelming and more than a little frightening for many people. Increased stress levels may also interfere with successful IVF. 

We work hard to provide a warm, welcoming, and stress-free atmosphere for our patients and feel it’s a key component of our high success rate here at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center.

4. Evaluate the egg donor process

Whether your egg donor remains anonymous or is someone you know, you have the right to question specifics regarding the donor’s health, age, family history, personality, physical characteristics, and other information that’s important to you. 

Donors generally undergo a physical exam, mental health evaluation, and comprehensive lab studies before being accepted as donors.

5. Express yourself

We consider our patients to be the most valuable members of the team here at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center. You should always feel comfortable asking questions regarding the treatments being recommended, your role in the process, and your specialist’s expectations for success.

Feel free to schedule an appointment for more information about the egg donation process and the other fertility services we offer here at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center. Call the office or request an appointment online.

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