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One of the most common questions fertility doctors receive is whether or not ovarian cysts adversely affect fertility. The answer is: It depends on the type of cyst. The types of ovarian cysts that impact fertility include:

Functional cysts – these are the most widespread type of ovarian cyst. Functional cysts appear as a woman menstruates, and actually indicate the right processes are occurring for conception to take place.

Not all ovarian cysts cause fertility problems, These cysts do not cause infertility, but in fact can demonstrate good fertility:

It should be noted that any of these cysts could have an impact on fertility depending on their size. Normal sized cysts of this nature do not commonly impact fertility, but cysts that are large enough may cause issues.

Ovarian cysts are commonly diagnosed via ultrasound. Pelvic examinations can fail to detect small cysts about 50% of the time. Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of ovarian cysts do not impact pregnancy or overall health. Having a cyst may not be cause for alarm, but should be checked by a doctor.

It is important to mention that a woman who is ovulating normally will develop a cyst each month known as a follicle – this is entirely normal.

It is important to see your Gynecologist in Denver if you discover a cyst of any kind.

Individuals with ovarian cysts with fertility concerns (i.e. want kids in the future) should speak to a fertility clinic in Colorado regarding possible healthcare concerns affecting fertility because of the ovarian cyst.  Your Colorado fertility doctor can work with you to seek proper options to preserve your fertility as best as they can.

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