For patients who undergo an in vitro fertilization cycle there is an increased chance of having twins or a multiple pregnancy with treatment.

For those who undergo an IVF treatment cycle there is an approximately 30-75% chance of achieving pregnancy with an approximately 35% chance of having twins, and a 1-3% chance of having triplets as aresult of the IVF cycle. The risk of multiple pregnancy with IVF is one of the greatest risk seen with the treatment. The incidence of multiple a multiple pregnancy as a result of an IVF treatment cycle is higher in younger patients, those using an egg donor and in those patients transferring more than one embryo.

In order to decrease the chance of getting pregnant with multiples some patients are encouraged (or request) to transfer only one embryo during an IVF treatment cycle. Depending upon the female patients age and quality of the embryos, the transfer of one embryo instead of 2 embryos may or may not decrease your chance of success with IVF.
It stands to reason that the more cycles undertaken with IVF, the success rates increase each time. With six attempts for instance, one study showed upwards of 80% success.

Reference: Study: Sixth Time May Be Charm For In Vitro by Patti Neighmond. Day to Day, National Public Radio. 21 January 2009.


The age of the female partner is probably the most important factor in determining your chance of success with IVF. As the age of the patient increases, the chances of an IVF cycle being successful decrease. Starting around age 38, nationwide we start to see a rapid decline in the success of IVF treatments. Another key factor in determining success is the egg quality testing results. The better the egg quality tests are the better chance of success with fertility therapy.

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